A female sex toy is going bonkers on TikTok thanks to an original series of user reviews who claim to have found the holy grail of sex toys. Yes, we are talking about the Inya Rose Sex toy that is taking over the internet. This article will give you some critical insights that can help you decide between buying.

Viral reviews on the social media platform can do more for product sales than any traditional advertisement campaign. From pet cleaning products to butt-lifting leggings, TikTok has an unparalleled ability to market products solely based on user reviews. Sex toys are thus no exception. Known as the “rose vibrator” or the “rose sex toy,” this rechargeable floral masterpiece has TikTok users obsessed.

One reviewer claimed that she broke up with her partner after purchasing the Inya Rose toy. In another viral review that now has 1.3 million views, TikTok user _queenk_95 claimed that this toy’s suction was so powerful that it brought her to an orgasm even before she could find a video to masturbate to.

However, truth be told, not everyone seemed equally rejoiced. Some users complained about the product’s short battery life while others dissed it on its suction power. TikTok user Jayy.llinn, made a viral video expressing her disappointment, saying that the toy was “completely overhyped and never really hit her spot”.

So, after scrolling TikTok for a week, I figured that out of the userbase, 60% of users were overjoyed with the product, 20% liked it, 10% didn’t have an opinion, and 10% hated it. That is honestly a great dataset.

If the sex toy is excellent, what seems to be the problem?

The problem seems to be the drop shippers who send you the products.

If you try to buy through the video link on TikTok, you will see that the rose sex toy isn’t manufactured by a single brand or wellness company. Instead, people purchase the toy from dropshippers, who buy products at a wholesale rate from the supplier and then sell them at a profit from online storefronts on Shopify and Amazon. They aren’t handling the merchandise themselves.

Dropshipping is somewhat like a get-rich-quick scheme; once the customer purchases the item from the seller, it is shipped by a third party directly to the buyer. The dropshippers don’t deal with the overhead costs of a traditional online storefront. On the other hand, a brick-and-mortar store or a branded online store only sells what it stocks.

What are the cons of buying the rose sex toy from dropshippers on TikTok?

The dropshippers don’t have any accountability. They host a one-page website with all the information about their product and have a simple “Buy Now” button. The moment you click on it, the order is placed to some obscure Chinese sex-toy company responsible for manufacturing and delivering your product.

Here are some cons of buying toys from dropshippers off TikTok links:

  • Faulty motors
    You don’t want your priced sex toy to heat up vigorously as you are climaxing suddenly. Most of these cheap companies put low-quality motors with heating issues or are unsafe.
  • Not so “body-safe” after all
    To cut costs, these companies use poor-grade soft silicon that very much feels like the original but is miles from it. Simply putting on the label “Medical Grade silicone” does not guarantee they have used the same on all parts of the sex toy. Since there’s no fear of accountability, if caught, these dropshippers can simply open another brand new storefront and continue scamming people with just a few clicks of a button.
  • Non-existent customer support
    Once you receive the product, your deal with the dropshipper is “technically” over. They have no legal obligation to help you in case of any mishap or dissatisfaction.
    This is completely avoided with branded online stores.

In conclusion, the user wouldn’t have any idea regarding the claims of authenticity made by the seller and will have no support in case of problems. Cheap copies might use a harmful amalgamation of silicon-containing phthalates or non-porous materials, leading to various biological problems. The former problem is significant as sex toys must be safe to use.

What is then the best way to buy the Inya Rose Sex toy?

The best way to buy your Rose Sex Toy is to get it from an established online sex toy store like Twice Tonight. An online sex store hoarding hundreds of products has a much lower probability of sending you a cheap fake as they have a name to live up to. Even if they send you something by mistake, they are more likely to own up to it and give you the appropriate customer care service regarding the product.

As an additional tip, if you’re planning to buy sex toys, make sure that the brand you go for is approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and is compliant with ​​the EU’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS).

Therefore, if you’re planning to buy a rose sex toy online, my advice would be to opt for the Inya Rose Vibrator and buy it from an online sex toy store.