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When Full Thrust Isn’t Enough – A Sobering Look at Delta Flight 191


Only a massive reserve of excess thrust will get you out of severe wind shear — and sometimes that’s not enough. In writing my last article on wind shear and inertia, I was reminded of the chilling tale of Delta Airlines Flight 191.

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Inertia’s Surprising Effect on Wind Shear


Suppose you are the captain of a Boeing 747 or Airbus A380. You’ve just received a report of wind shear from the Cessna 152 you’re following on final. Should you expect less, similar, or more wind shear?

Before you answer, be sure to consider inertia.

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Flying Facts About Turbulence and Inertia


Going into the Spring and Summer flying season, turbulence is a common concern for pilots of all types of aircraft. Luckily for us, there is a great system in place to alert you about the weather encountered by other pilots through PIREPS. The bad news is that each airplane will react differently to turbulence, and pilots have to keep that in mind when interpreting these reports.

Consider the following case. A Cessna 152 pilot receives a PIREP about light turbulence ahead reported by a B-747. Will the Cessna experience more or less turbulence and why?

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