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Sporty’s John Zimmerman Tests Your Aeronautical Decision Making by Asking: Go or No Go?

Go or No Go?

Aviation-weather expert John Zimmerman has been keeping busy with the Air Facts Journal — a blog based upon the popular Air Facts Journal of yesteryear and the ever-popular Sporty’s Air Facts videos.

His most recent project: a wonderful series of open-ended articles dubbed “Go or No Go?”  He relates the type of aircraft (usually a light single) and any special features like glass panels or XM weather. Zimmerman poses realistic scenarios to instrument rated pilots along with a thorough weather briefing, complete with relevant weather charts, and poses the question: go or no go?

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When Full Thrust Isn’t Enough – A Sobering Look at Delta Flight 191


Only a massive reserve of excess thrust will get you out of severe wind shear — and sometimes that’s not enough. In writing my last article on wind shear and inertia, I was reminded of the chilling tale of Delta Airlines Flight 191.

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Inertia’s Surprising Effect on Wind Shear


Suppose you are the captain of a Boeing 747 or Airbus A380. You’ve just received a report of wind shear from the Cessna 152 you’re following on final. Should you expect less, similar, or more wind shear?

Before you answer, be sure to consider inertia.

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Cloud Clearance Made Easy – The Point and Wait Video

There has been a lot of talk about the “point and wait” trick for cloud clearance since my first post on the subject. To clear up any questions on the matter, I went up and shot some video of this rule of thumb in action. Check it out and spread the word.

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