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Unreal New York City Fly-By Video


Imagine yourself flying low and slow through New York City: buzzing the Statue of Liberty, weaving between buildings and circling the Brooklyn Bridge. Illegal? Unsafe? Probably. But Raphael Pirker of Team Blacksheep, a group of R/C airplane enthusiasts pioneering the use of first person video, has found a way to do it. His aerial joyride through New York has been viewed over a million times on YouTube and offers a unique and incredible view of Manhattan.

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Treetop Flyer – The Classic Low Level Flying Video

Low level flying in a Van's RV-4

A word of caution to would-be daredevils: do not try this at homeThis is one of my favorite flying videos. It has all the elements: low level flying, speed, a great airplane and the perfect soundtrack. The airplane pictured appears to be a Van’s RV-4, a popular and fun homebuilt kit plane. Stephen Stills’ Treetop Flyer (different version on iTunes) is the perfect musical accompaniment.

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See The Blue Angels in HD Video

The Blue Angels in tight formation

Aerobatics is cool. Naval aviation is cool. And when you put the two together you get the über-cool Blue Angels, the US Navy flight demonstration squadron. As an outfit, the Blue Angels have been wowing airshow crowds since 1946 with their precision maneuvers and tight formation flying and this video captures the latest generation of Blue Angels F/A-18A-D Hornets in vivid HD. Smoke on!

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White Knuckled Helicopter Landing at Sea


“Operating helicopters onboard ships is extremely complex, due in part to the difficulty of landing a helicopter on a moving platform, but also due to numerous practical engineering issues.”In what is perhaps the most harrowing helicopter landing I’ve ever seen, test pilots land a Lynx Mark 90B helicopter on a pitching and weaving Knud Rasmussen class Patrol Ship. This is part of a limitations test by Prism Defence, a company specializing in Ship Helicopter Integration.

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