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Putting the Sport in Light Sport Aircraft – A Review of the Arion Lightning LS-1

Arion Lightning LS-1 Review

This airplane is a joy to fly and looks sharp on the rampThe light sport aircraft certificate was never meant to produce sturdy utility airplanes or all-purpose trainers. It was meant to make airplanes affordable and fun, and the Arion Lightning LS-1 embodies that spirit. This airplane is a joy to fly and looks sharp on the ramp.

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The LSA From the Outback: A Review of the Jabiru J230


Nestled in the hills of Middle Tennessee lies the quiet town of Shelbyville, home to JabiruUSA, a growing powerhouse in the light sport aircraft category. I took a ride in the Jabiru J230, an LSA that feels like a jet, hauls like a truck and looks like a 152 — with winglets!

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Going to the Paris Air Show? There’s an App for That

Aviation Week Paris Air Show App

Much like Airventure, the Paris Air Show is a big event. With over 140 aircraft on display and over 2,000 exhibitors, you have to plan your visit. And guess what? There’s an app for that. Aviation Week has put together a go-to guide for visitors at the Paris Air Show.

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Sporty’s Study Buddy iPhone/iPad App Review

Review of Sporty's Study Budy iPhone App

Sporty’s Study Buddy is an exceptionally simple iPhone and iPad App, and I mean that in the best way. Study Buddy offers itself as a definitive one-stop solution to the FAA Test Prep problem. AviationChatter was given the opportunity to evaluate the latest version of Study Buddy (Private Pilot). Find out if you should buy or pass on this one.

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