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When Full Thrust Isn’t Enough – A Sobering Look at Delta Flight 191


Only a massive reserve of excess thrust will get you out of severe wind shear — and sometimes that’s not enough. In writing my last article on wind shear and inertia, I was reminded of the chilling tale of Delta Airlines Flight 191.

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Continental Connection Flight 3407 Crashes Near Buffalo

A commuter flight crashed into a house near Buffalo, NY killing all 49 aboard and one man in the home.

The flight was operated by regional carrier Colgan Airlines, a subsidiary of Pinnacle Airlines (NASDAQ: PNCL). The Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, a 74-seat turboprop departed Newark, NJ for Buffalo at 9:20PM EST, one hour and 49 minutes late before it went down around 10:20PM EST. Read more…

US Airways Flight 1549 Transcript Released

The FAA has released the transcript from US Airways Flight 1549. This is the transcript between air traffic controllers and Flight 1549. Transcripts from the cockpit voice recorder will not be made available for as much as eighteen months, according to the NTSB. Read more…

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