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When You Should Use the Autopilot

Even after flying for the past thirteen years, I still get a kick out of manually steering the airplane around. But I’ve also come to understand that autopilots can be a life-saver. If you’re like me, you probably hate to relinquish the controls to a machine but there are times when you ought to take full advantage of an autopilot. Read more…

Flight Planning in the Internet Era

Familiarizing yourself with a new airport? Put that Airport / Facility Directory away and fire up YouTube! Is that sectional chart a little too ambiguous? Fold that chart up and “fly” the route with Google Earth. See how modern websites are changing the way tech-savvy pilots plan their flights. In his article, Vincent from evaluates several online tools for flight planning and preparation.

A word of caution: As great as many of these resources are, pilots should stick to official sources as the primary means of flight planning.

How VORs Really Work

Flight instructors across the nation have been involved in a massive coverup scheme surrounding VOR stations. We’ve all been taught to think of VOR stations as a giant compass rose transmitting radio beams in 360 directions. It is common to refer to a VOR as a giant wheel with 360 spokes representing radials. These are all lies.  Read more…

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