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Putting the Sport in Light Sport Aircraft – A Review of the Arion Lightning LS-1

Arion Lightning LS-1 Review

This airplane is a joy to fly and looks sharp on the rampThe light sport aircraft certificate was never meant to produce sturdy utility airplanes or all-purpose trainers. It was meant to make airplanes affordable and fun, and the Arion Lightning LS-1 embodies that spirit. This airplane is a joy to fly and looks sharp on the ramp.

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The LSA From the Outback: A Review of the Jabiru J230


Nestled in the hills of Middle Tennessee lies the quiet town of Shelbyville, home to JabiruUSA, a growing powerhouse in the light sport aircraft category. I took a ride in the Jabiru J230, an LSA that feels like a jet, hauls like a truck and looks like a 152 — with winglets!

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Flying the Skycatcher: A Review of the Cessna 162

Review of the Cessna Skycatcher

While the rest of the world was fixated on the Paris Air Show, I was schmoozing with the folks at the Cessna Aircraft Factory in Wichita Kansas. I met up with Cessna’s piston-engine chief pilot, Kirby Ortega, for a flight in Cessna’s LSA: the Skycatcher.

Read my review of the Cessna 162.

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Cessna Delivers First Skycatcher

Cessna 162 SkycatcherCessna delivered the first Cessna 162 Skycatcher today. The aircraft was delivered during a ceremony at Yingling Aircraft in Wichita, Kansas – Cessna’s corporate headquarters. The first aircraft was delivered to Rose Pelton, the wife of Cessna CEO Jack Pelton. Read more…

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