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Logbooks: what exactly are they for?


We all have them but what do we use logbooks for? The obvious answer is to record our compliance with the rules and regulations. For example, have we done enough instrument approaches in the last six months or do we have enough solo hours to take our commercial check ride?

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Have We Been Cleared to Land?


Operating in and out of towered airports requires a landing clearance prior to touchdown. Pilots do occasionally land without a clearance. Depending on the circumstances, this could become an FAA violation: something every pilot should want to avoid. The solution? Almost every airplane has a built in advisory system to alert the pilot as to the status of his/her landing or takeoff clearance. You just have to know how to use it. Read more…

Don’t Trim the Airplane

Going through private pilot training, I was taught to trim the airplane for all phases of flight. After fighting the controls for one too many flights, the lesson took. Like most students, I was also told to trim the airplane for steep turns. Although trim makes the turn much easier, I suggest that you try steep turns without adjusting the trim wheel. Read more…

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