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Becoming a Pilot and the Costs Associated


“So how much would flight school set me back?” I get asked that a lot, even by people that truly have no intention of becoming a pilot. Flying the friendly skies is one of those dreams that plenty of people entertain, but it all comes back down to the logistics and cold hard cash. Here I’ve compiled, to the best of my ability, current costs associated with obtaining a private pilot certificate.  Read more…

Tips for Choosing the “Right” Flight School

Choosing a Flight School

In this guest post, Kyle Garrett, founder of Aviation Schools Online shares his tips on choosing a great flight school.

There comes a time in every person’s life in which they must make tough decisions for the betterment of their career. A pilot’s life is no different. Flight school, regardless if Part 61 or 141, is a timely and expensive investment. Whether a pilot is looking to forge forth with a career in aviation or simply for private piloting, ensuring you are matched up with the optimal flight school is crucial. This doesn’t mean there is only one school that is right for each pilot, there could be several. What this means is to use your best judgment and to match up your own skills and aspirations with a school that offers comparative opportunities. Here are some tips for finding the right flight school. One option is to find a flight school through or by exploring the home website of the flight school itself.

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Making Sense of GPS Approach Minimums

GPS Approach Minimums

The minima section of an RNAV or GPS approach chart looks like a bowl of alphabet soup. Full of ever-changing acronyms, it’s hard for the weekend flyer to keep up. To help, I studied the AIM and compiled this at-a-glance list of GPS approach minima and what they mean to you.

Minima In English Details
GLS GNSS Landing System GLS uses LAAS (Local Area Augmentation System) to provide ILS-like lateral and vertical guidance. GLS is still under development
LPV Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance Uses WAAS to provide ILS-like lateral and vertical guidance. Minimums will be slightly higher than GLS
LNAV/VNAV Lateral Navigation with Vertical Navigation Vertical guidance provided by a barometric altimeter based system or WAAS GPS
LP Localizer Performance Localizer-like performance provided by a WAAS capable GPS. No vertical guidance
LNAV Lateral Navigation Step-down non precision approach with no vertical guidance. Any GPS certified for IFR approaches can fly to LNAV minimums

All of this information and more is in the latest Airman Information Manual. For the 2013 manual, check pages 5-4-21 and 5-4-22.

Virtual ATC PilotEdge Announces Hourly Membership Option – Good Deal? It Depends.


Our friends at PilotEdge have put together a more efficient payment option for pilots and flight sim enthusiasts who only occasionally fly the virtual skies. The hourly option starts at a base rate of $4.95/month plus a flat $2.00/hour. Of course, the old unlimited monthly and annual memberships are still available for heavy flyers.

But the question remains, is this a good deal? Let’s do some math. PilotEdge’s unlimited plan calls for $19.95/month. That’s equal to 7.5 hours under the hourly rate. So if you expect to spend more than 7.5 hours on the network every month, it’s better to go monthly. Personally, except for heavy instrument training, I have very rarely flown so many hours on a home simulator. To me, the PilotEdge hourly plan is priced just right.

If you haven’t heard of PilotEdge, you should read my review of the virtual ATC house, or just check them out at In fact, they even have 14-day free trials if you want to test the waters.

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