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Not Flying Much? Keep Yourself Proficient

Flight planning

At a wedding last week, I spent some time chatting with my buddy’s father — a private pilot and owner/builder of a beautiful Van’s RV-6A. When I asked him about his plane, he confessed that he hasn’t flown in a very long time.

It’s a common story across the general-aviation sector. Pilot’s aren’t flying as much as they used to. In the Air Facts Journal, John Zimmerman warns that pilots might be losing proficiency. So what can we do about it?

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Advanced Flight Planning: 5 Things Most Pilots Don’t Think About


Fellow blogger and pilot Jeffrey Synk recently tweeted: “The biggest, number 1 secret to a successful single-engine IFR flight…you ready? Organization…from preparation to engine shutdown.” He’s right, and it’s not just limited to single-engine or even IFR flights. Careful preflight planning reduces pilot workload and take the surprises out of the most challenging flights. We all know the basics of flight planning, from pilotage to dead reckoning and radio navigation, but there’s more to think about when we plan a trip than what was covered in flight school.

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Flight Planning in the Internet Era

Familiarizing yourself with a new airport? Put that Airport / Facility Directory away and fire up YouTube! Is that sectional chart a little too ambiguous? Fold that chart up and “fly” the route with Google Earth. See how modern websites are changing the way tech-savvy pilots plan their flights. In his article, Vincent from evaluates several online tools for flight planning and preparation.

A word of caution: As great as many of these resources are, pilots should stick to official sources as the primary means of flight planning.

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