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Photo Friday – The Cessna 162 Skycatcher

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The new Cessna Skycatcher marks Cessna’s first foray in to the light sport aircraft (LSA) market, and it’s making a big buzz at small airports around the country. Will the Skycatcher replace aging Cessna 150’s and 152’s at flight schools across the country? Can Cessna compete with other LSA manufacturers and other two-place trainers? It may be too early to tell, but with over 1,000 orders placed, the 162 is bound to make a dent in the sport aircraft market. Enjoy these photos of the Skycatcher provided by Cessna and see more on Cessna’s multimedia showcase.

Aviation Photo Friday – Aerobatics & Airshows

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“Buzzing the Field” by Jim Ginter. All others by Lexie Rogers at Memphis in May Airshow 2009.

Aviation Photo Friday: Surreal Sunsets

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Photo Friday: Great Aviation Photographs

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