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Sporty’s John Zimmerman Tests Your Aeronautical Decision Making by Asking: Go or No Go?

Go or No Go?

Aviation-weather expert John Zimmerman has been keeping busy with the Air Facts Journal — a blog based upon the popular Air Facts Journal of yesteryear and the ever-popular Sporty’s Air Facts videos.

His most recent project: a wonderful series of open-ended articles dubbed “Go or No Go?”  He relates the type of aircraft (usually a light single) and any special features like glass panels or XM weather. Zimmerman poses realistic scenarios to instrument rated pilots along with a thorough weather briefing, complete with relevant weather charts, and poses the question: go or no go?

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Bugout Times – When to Divert to the Alternate Airport

IFR Charts

Without taking fuel burn into consideration, you can wind up in a situation where you no longer have enough fuel to fly to the alternate – and perhaps even the destination.As an instrument rated pilot, you know all about flying holding patterns and computing entries. But you can’t fly around in a holding pattern all day, sooner or later you’ll have to decide when to bug out and go to the alternate. It’s better to make this decision sooner than later, here’s how.

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So You Have an Emergency. Relax

The first priority of any pilot is to fly the airplane. Even during the most time critical emergency, aircraft control must be maintained. Nevermind the flashing red lights, the best way to overcome adversity in the cockpit is to remain calm. In the disco-esque words of Michael Penniman: “relax, take it easy!” Read more…

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