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When Full Thrust Isn’t Enough – A Sobering Look at Delta Flight 191


Only a massive reserve of excess thrust will get you out of severe wind shear — and sometimes that’s not enough. In writing my last article on wind shear and inertia, I was reminded of the chilling tale of Delta Airlines Flight 191.

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How Technology Is Making Pilots Safer

Although rare, airplanes do crash. As pilots, it is important to understand the causes of airplane crashes so as not to repeat the same mistakes. Statistical evidence shows that an increasing percentage of airplane accidents are being linked to pilot error. Before we jump to conclusions, consider that this may not be such a bad thing. Read more…

Plane Overshoots Runway on Carribean Island

Screen shot 2011-05-12 at 9.41.18 PM

This one’s been circulating around the web for a week now. On May 31, a piston twin ran off the 2,100 foot runway in St. Barthelemy Airport (SBH) in the Carribean. What makes this video so interesting, aside from the surfer-dude commentary, is that the pilot opted not to go around even after floating for nearly three fourths of the runway.

When should you execute a go around? As one of my first flight instructors said: go missed anytime the approach does not look perfect. Seriously now, increase power and go around if there is any doubt in your mind as to the safety of your upcoming landing. Continue on to the video. Read more…

Fed Ex MD11 Crashes at Narita Intl in Tokyo [video]

An MD-11 operated by Fed Ex Express crashed and burst into flames during landing at Narita International in Tokyo, Japan. The pilot and copilot of Fed Ex Flight 80 were killed in the accident according to a CNN report. The video shows the airplane bouncing twice and rolling left before landing inverted next to the runway. Read more…

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