One of the rarest forms of Kratom is Green Horn leaves. An island shared with Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei named South Asian Island of Borneo is native of Green Horn Kratom. For so many years the Kratom strain was not known in the outer world except Borneo. The rareness is not the only factor that makes greenhorn kratom unique, but it is the only green color kratom anyone can ever find.

Due to its potency in the market, Green Vein Horn Kratom is cone of the leading medical strains and the pricey strain of kratom makes its demand high. The kratom strain of the green horn shows super-fast results within just a few minutes of consumption.

Green Horn Kratom Dosage

Even though Kratom green horn is a rarest and priciest strain, its demand is high in the market and it is available in capsules and powder form. It is recommended that one should always take the dosage of either of the strains by the vendor’s advice for avoiding the adverse side effects. The horn green Kratom is like the strain of maeng Da Kratom and green dragon Kratom, so it is a potent strain. You should not take a very high or very small dosage of Green Vein Horn.

  • Low dosage 

The recommended dosage for beginners is 1-3 grams. This means he/she needs to start to take from 1 gram then increase the dosage gradually. The consumption of green vein horn makes you feel energetic and gives you the feeling of some euphoria. Its effect will last up to more than 5 hours.

  • Medium dosage

The dosage of Horn Green Vein Kratom between 4-6 grams is considered as medium dosage. The person suffering from chronic pain, cramps in muscles and needs to lift the mood then the medium dosage will work.

  • High dosage

The high dosage of the kratom strain of the Horn Green Vein goes up to 7-10 grams. It is not recommended by anyone to take this high dosage until you are an expert in the strains. The people who need strong analgesic effects and sedation effects are needed this much high dosage.

Green Horn Kratom Effects 

The kratom strain is present in all green horned leaves. It is a natural component that is a blend of all harmonious things. Some of the major effects of using green horn kratom are:

  • Energy booster

Horn Green Vein is an energy booster and makes you feel energetic. The amount of energy provided by its dosage is last up for a whole day. As it increases energy, so it is being considered as one of the popular strain use for pre-workout.

  • Analgesic 

Kratom Green Vein Horn is a natural pain relief that helps in reducing mild and chronic pain. This will become part of medicine due to its analgesic properties.

  • Lifting of mood

The mood of a person enhanced by consuming the dosage of the green horn and elevates mood swings to positive ends. The lifting up of the mood helps to overcome the social fear of interaction.

  • Cognitive support

The cognitive support of horn green kratom is one of the striking features. The affinity of intra-neural communication induces by the regular usage of green horn kratom.

  • Overcome in sleeping disorders and insomnia

It aids sleeping disorders and insomnia problems. Kratom Green Horn leaves regulate sleeping patterns. The usage of green horn kratom is best for insomnia condition.

Best Green Horn Kratom Vendor/Supplier/Seller

  1. Mitragaia

One of the most reputable vendors of green horn kratom in the world is Mitragaia. The highest and good quality of horn green kratom products at a reasonable price is found in Mitragaia. It built its name for its highest quality products. They can deliver green horn kratom in powder and capsule form both. The price of powder form is:

  • $5 – 1oZ green horn kratom
  • $30 – 250 grams of green horn kratom
  • $120 – 1kg of green horn kratom

The price of capsules of green horn kratom is $199.99 for 2000 capsules which is equal to 1kg.

  1. PurKratom

It is another reputable company for purchasing green horn kratom products. The company completes all the needs of the customers that is why it is one of the best companies. The price of green horn kratom powder in PurKratom is:

  • $11.99 – 1oZ
  • $39.99 – 4oZ
  • $68.99 – ½ lb
  • $179.99 – 1kg
  1. Best kratom

Best kratom is another vendor that stocked green horn kratom. The products of the company are of fine quality and it only relies on their products. People will get the best value of the products. The price of strain in Best kratom:

  • $12.99 – 25g of strain
  • $17.99 – 50g of strain
  • $31.99 – 100g of strain
  • $57.99 – 200g of strain

Where to Buy Green Horn Kratom?

There are hundreds of sellers that sell green horn kratom online but out of those only a few of them have reliable stock of products. Choose the company that shows you the proof that the green horn kratom products they are selling are lab tested. Always check the reviews of the products on the websites.

Both powder and capsule form works similar and depends on your preference you can take the herb. Most of the vendors deliver the products within 24-48 hours at your doorstep. The head shops also sell green horn kratom products but the quality of these is not always best.


Green horn kratom is the rarest strain in the world. It offers several benefits with very few side effects. The right dosages of the kratom green horn are not having any side effects. The dosage for every person is different. It is one of the most potent strains in the market. It will fulfill the expectation of the user if consumed in the correct and right amount but can show adverse side effects if it is abused. Always intake as per recommendation. There are two forms on green horn kratom available online that is powder form and capsule form.

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