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Becoming A Pilot Need Not Remain A Childhood Dream


Here’s a guest post by Paul Guerrier with a good overview of getting started in aviation.

When you were a child, you probably dreamed of being a pilot. It’s rare that a person grows up uninterested in flying and then suddenly decides that he wants to fly. It’s a lifelong passion. Sadly many kids give up on it when they grow up, but you don’t have to. That dream can be a reality if you’re willing to work at it. While the process is difficult, it’s nowhere near impossible. The most important steps are finding the right school and getting all of your required flight hours in. Then, it’s a matter of practice, practice, practice.

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Flying Tip: Test the brakes

A CRJ-200 skids off the runway

One of the marks of being a mindful pilot is to limit wear and tear on the airplane as much as possible. That includes little habits like keeping the lights off when they aren’t needed and keeping braking to a minimum. That’s part of the reason flight instructors harp on aerodynamic braking so much.

With that in mind, suppose you’re landing on JFK’s runway 31R, a 10,00 foot long runway. When are you going to get on the brakes?

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5 Glass Cockpit Flying Tips

Garmin G1000

More pilots are flying with glass cockpits these days. Be it Avidyne or Garmin, these instrument panels offer a lot for situational awareness, but they do require a little thought to get the most out of it. Here are some flying tips for pilots flying or transitioning to glass.

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Flying Tip: Turn off your taxi light

Airplanes taxiing in Boston

Airline pilots and charters operate in and out of some pretty busy airports, and taxiing around these places can pose a challenge. It’s not hard to adhere to a taxi clearance, but when you throw in the chaos of radio chatter and lots of other airplanes (wild cards) things do get interesting. For this reason, professional pilots have adopted the common courtesy of turning the taxi light off when giving way. Read more…

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