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10 Handy Apps for Pilots

Great Pilot Apps

While personal portable devices such as smartphones, e-readers, laptops and tablets for non-work purposes are being banned, the use of these devices in (as well as pre and post) flight is actually on the rise. More and more pilots are switching out their bulky paper manuals and charts for the digital version to plan their routes, access emergency checklists, view weather conditions, assist in navigation, and even to connect with other pilots. Below are just a few of the innovated and time saving apps that all pilots should have handy on their smartphone or tablet.  Read more…

iPro Aviator/M iPad Mini Kneeboard Review

iPad Mini Kneeboard Review - iPro Aviator/M

Thanks to my friends at, I was able to get my hands on the popular iPro Aviator/M Kneeboard for the iPad Mini and gave it one heck of a stress test which included over 30 hours of flight time, home flight simulator use and even driving around with the thing strapped to my leg. How did it hold up?  Read more…

Wingnuts: The Sky’s the Limit – Aviation Humor from Joel Mugglin

Wingnuts: The Sky's the Limit by Joel Mugglin - cover art

Aviation is such a stylized pursuit. We have our own acronym-laden language, references and fish stories — (there I was…). It’s a unique and sometimes silly culture that is ripe for lampooning. And that’s just what Joel Mugglin does in his book, Wingnuts: The Sky’s the Limit.

Primitive De-Icing Boots cartoon

So that’s why they call them de-icing boots. It all makes sense now!

In it, you’ll find a hilarious collection of whimsical hand-drawn cartoons that poke fun at all aspects of aviation. I found myself chuckling with each turn of the page. How can I describe the humor? In a word: corny, and that’s a good thing. It’s what I imagine might happen if John and Martha King got together with Rod Machado to write a cartoon. Yes, it’s that funny.

Everybody in aviation is represented in Wingnuts: pilots, students, mechanics, instructors, flight attendants and more. As such, I think anybody with an interest in aviation will get a kick out of it, including non-flying friends and spouses.

Wingnuts: The Sky’s the Limit is available as an e-Book for iPad users in the iTunes book store and is also available in print from Amazon.

More Sample Cartoons:

Crazy Airspace Classifications Backup electrical systems

Review of Applied Aerodynamics for Private and Commercial Pilots

Cover of Applied Aerodynamics for Private and Commercial Pilots

For the past few months, I’ve been reading Steve Pomroy’s Applied Aerodynamics for Private and Commercial Pilots. Written by an aerobatic instructor with a background in engineering, Applied Aerodynamics brings clarity to a fascinating and often misunderstood subject. I think it’s a great read and a great resource for pilots of all levels. Here’s why.

Read more…

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