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Takeoffs and Landings – Photos From the International Airline World

The circular windows in the cockpit allow for some spectacular views of the sun.

This is a guest post by Cheapflights. It’s not exactly flight-training related, but they provided some great pictures of airline flying. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the photos.

There’s nothing like the feeling of boarding an aeroplane to go on holiday. You can begin to relax after the hustle and bustle of being inside the airport itself, and the moment you sit down and buckle your belt is the moment your holiday really begins. But, what happens when you’re flying? When you’re seated on the plane, you don’t get to see how great it is to experience an aircraft taking-off or landing. You’re also unlikely to get to see what it’s like inside the cockpit. Here at we’ve compiled some our favourite images of take-off and landings, and what those look like when you’re seated in the cockpit.

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Blue Angels’ New York City Fly-By


Earlier today I heard a rumor that two Blue Angels F/A-18’s were going to make do a fly-by over New York. Fellow New York aviation geek Robert Cigliano tweeted that the Blue Angels had just been cleared for takeoff at nearby Farmingdale Republic Airport. Not one to miss the opportunity to go planespotting, so I grabbed my camera and ran out the door. Sure I was on the wrong side of the city, and maybe I was using the wrong lens, but the pictures turned out alright. Here’s what we saw from Brooklyn.

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Unreal New York City Fly-By Video


Imagine yourself flying low and slow through New York City: buzzing the Statue of Liberty, weaving between buildings and circling the Brooklyn Bridge. Illegal? Unsafe? Probably. But Raphael Pirker of Team Blacksheep, a group of R/C airplane enthusiasts pioneering the use of first person video, has found a way to do it. His aerial joyride through New York has been viewed over a million times on YouTube and offers a unique and incredible view of Manhattan.

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How to Fly the B-17 Flying Fortress


“Maybe airplanes are a bit like people. You don’t really get to know them until after you’ve lived with them a while.” At least that’s what the narrator says in this 1943 Army Air Force training film. Even though this video and the associated technology is over 70 years old, a lot of the information is still relevant to pilots today. They stress the importance of checklist usage, reminders to trim the airplane and even crew resource management. I was amazed to hear the instructor hit on the hot-topic in today’s airline industry: “Flying means fatigue. Always run your checklist.”

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