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Becoming a Pilot and the Costs Associated


“So how much would flight school set me back?” I get asked that a lot, even by people that truly have no intention of becoming a pilot. Flying the friendly skies is one of those dreams that plenty of people entertain, but it all comes back down to the logistics and cold hard cash. Here I’ve compiled, to the best of my ability, current costs associated with obtaining a private pilot certificate.  Read more…

10 Handy Apps for Pilots

Great Pilot Apps

While personal portable devices such as smartphones, e-readers, laptops and tablets for non-work purposes are being banned, the use of these devices in (as well as pre and post) flight is actually on the rise. More and more pilots are switching out their bulky paper manuals and charts for the digital version to plan their routes, access emergency checklists, view weather conditions, assist in navigation, and even to connect with other pilots. Below are just a few of the innovated and time saving apps that all pilots should have handy on their smartphone or tablet.  Read more…

Center, we have a Problem – Airplane Safety Supplies

Emergency Equipment for Pilots

Chris Oquist is a private pilot and web developer at Banyan Pilot Shop in South Florida. He is an avid blogger and article writer whose expertise includes the Bose A20. As an aviation enthusiast, Chris is passionate about sharing his knowledge on all-things-aviation.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. While many of our mothers have said this to each of us at some point in our lives, taking that advice to heart is difficult at times. Yes Mom, thanks to you I still look both ways even before crossing the intersection on a rural, desolate single-lane road. But I’d much rather have it that way and spend a few moments of my time instead of the alternative.  Read more…

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