AviationChatter is a site dedicated to teaching advanced aviation skills to private pilots. The advice given to me when I earned the private pilot certificate was that, “this is a license to learn.” At the time, I had no idea how much I didn’t know.

No, my flight instructors weren’t negligent, there’s just too much to flying to fit into one 40 hour syllabus. Pilots are expected to walk out of the practical test and pick up all this experience on their own.

There’s a wide gap between what you’re required to know and what you should know. AviationChatter was created to bridge that gap.


Preparing for pushback in the CRJ

Pat Flannigan prior to pushback in the CRJ

The founder of the site is Pat Flannigan, a professional pilot and free-lance aviation writer. He has flown a variety of aircraft professionally, from light twins to turboprops. And for the past five years he has been flying jets for a regional airline.

Pat started the AviationChatter blog in 2009 in an effort to “give back” to the general aviation community. Since then his writing has been featured online at AOPA, Airplanista and Forbes.

Follow Pat on Twitter for flying tips: @patflannigan