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Wingnuts: The Sky's the Limit by Joel Mugglin - cover art

Aviation is such a stylized pursuit. We have our own acronym-laden language, references and fish stories — (there I was…). It’s a unique and sometimes silly culture that is ripe for lampooning. And that’s just what Joel Mugglin does in his book, Wingnuts: The Sky’s the Limit.

Primitive De-Icing Boots cartoon

So that’s why they call them de-icing boots. It all makes sense now!

In it, you’ll find a hilarious collection of whimsical hand-drawn cartoons that poke fun at all aspects of aviation. I found myself chuckling with each turn of the page. How can I describe the humor? In a word: corny, and that’s a good thing. It’s what I imagine might happen if John and Martha King got together with Rod Machado to write a cartoon. Yes, it’s that funny.

Everybody in aviation is represented in Wingnuts: pilots, students, mechanics, instructors, flight attendants and more. As such, I think anybody with an interest in aviation will get a kick out of it, including non-flying friends and spouses.

Wingnuts: The Sky’s the Limit is available as an e-Book for iPad users in the iTunes book store and is also available in print from Amazon.

More Sample Cartoons:

Crazy Airspace Classifications Backup electrical systems

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  1. Paul says:

    Definitely going to have to pick up a copy! It’s alway interesting to follow the twitter, facebook, and instagram accounts that poke fun at all things aviation as well. One of my personal favorites is @pilotprobs (short for pilot problems) on twitter. He has many of his own, but also retweets ones that other pilots come up with.

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