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10 Ways to Mess Up a Great Landing

10 Ways to mess up a great landing

Nothing is more elusive in aviation than the mythical perfect landing. And isn’t it funny how nobody is every present to witness those silky-smooth greasers? We’re all capable of making great landings, but a lot of factors have to come together for it to happen, and it doesn’t take much to mess it up. This week, we take a look at 10 ways to botch a perfectly good landing.

  1. Too much airspeed: You’ll float like a butterfly
  2. Too little airspeed: Can you say “thud?”
  3. Flare too high: You’ll bleed off airspeed quickly, see #2
  4. Flare too aggressively: The airplane balloons. Embarrassing at best, dangerous at worst
  5. No crosswind technique: Sideloads are a real pain in the gear
  6. Wrong crosswind technique: Don’t overthink it: straighten the nose and apply opposite aileron
  7. Not transitioning eyes down the runway: Surefire way to mess up the flare and crosswind technique
  8. Over-controlling the airplane: Go easy, most planes will almost land themselves
  9. Not trimming: Don’t wrestle the plane down, trim, trim and retrim for a hands-off descent
  10. Unstabilized approaches: You ought to be on speed, glide path, and course well before the runway

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