Virtual ATC PilotEdge Announces Hourly Membership Option – Good Deal? It Depends.


Our friends at PilotEdge have put together a more efficient payment option for pilots and flight sim enthusiasts who only occasionally fly the virtual skies. The hourly option starts at a base rate of $4.95/month plus a flat $2.00/hour. Of course, the old unlimited monthly and annual memberships are still available for heavy flyers.

But the question remains, is this a good deal? Let’s do some math. PilotEdge’s unlimited plan calls for $19.95/month. That’s equal to 7.5 hours under the hourly rate. So if you expect to spend more than 7.5 hours on the network every month, it’s better to go monthly. Personally, except for heavy instrument training, I have very rarely flown so many hours on a home simulator. To me, the PilotEdge hourly plan is priced just right.

If you haven’t heard of PilotEdge, you should read my review of the virtual ATC house, or just check them out at In fact, they even have 14-day free trials if you want to test the waters.

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3 Replies to Virtual ATC PilotEdge Announces Hourly Membership Option – Good Deal? It Depends.

  1. H. Edwards says:

    The hourly plan is actually a great option. How many people realistically have a ton of time to spend on flight simulation anyway? It’s nice to have this option because I enjoy the training I get but I don’t want to pay for a month’s worth if I only have one or two Saturday’s a month to do it.

  2. waterwho says:

    I signed up for the yearly plan! I think its a great tool as a CFI!

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