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Unreal New York City Fly-By Video


Imagine yourself flying low and slow through New York City: buzzing the Statue of Liberty, weaving between buildings and circling the Brooklyn Bridge. Illegal? Unsafe? Probably. But Raphael Pirker of Team Blacksheep, a group of R/C airplane enthusiasts pioneering the use of first person video, has found a way to do it. His aerial joyride through New York has been viewed over a million times on YouTube and offers a unique and incredible view of Manhattan.

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What Does a Prop Spinner Do?


Spinners just look cool. They give airplanes that sleek and aerodynamic “ready to take flight” look. And they are so pervasive in propeller-driven aircraft that we can scarcely imagine attaching a prop without that slick cone ahead of the nose. But spinners do more than look cool. They do cool.

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