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It Just Looks Fast: The New Cessna Citation Ten

Preview of the Cessna Citation Ten

While visiting Wichita, I was given a sneak peak at the Cessna Citation Ten, a souped up sequel to the fastest business jet in the world. Although I didn’t get to see the actual prototype, I did get to climb into the mock-up and play with the touch-screen Garmin G5000!

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Dramatic Night Photos of Warbirds in the Boneyard

B-29 Nose in the Boneyard

After perusing my friend Hunter Luisi’s portfolio, I came across some brilliant aviation photos. You can clearly make out the nose of a B-29 Bomber. There are some fighters that might be F-4’s, but it’s hard to tell. I can’t positively identify the other aircraft.

Hunter used a long exposure and a mini mag light to “paint” light and shadows on the airframes, which makes for a dramatic effect. Be sure to check out the rest of Hunter Luisi’s photography.

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Flying the Skycatcher: A Review of the Cessna 162

Review of the Cessna Skycatcher

While the rest of the world was fixated on the Paris Air Show, I was schmoozing with the folks at the Cessna Aircraft Factory in Wichita Kansas. I met up with Cessna’s piston-engine chief pilot, Kirby Ortega, for a flight in Cessna’s LSA: the Skycatcher.

Read my review of the Cessna 162.

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Treetop Flyer – The Classic Low Level Flying Video

Low level flying in a Van's RV-4

A word of caution to would-be daredevils: do not try this at homeThis is one of my favorite flying videos. It has all the elements: low level flying, speed, a great airplane and the perfect soundtrack. The airplane pictured appears to be a Van’s RV-4, a popular and fun homebuilt kit plane. Stephen Stills’ Treetop Flyer (different version on iTunes) is the perfect musical accompaniment.

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