White Knuckled Helicopter Landing at Sea


“Operating helicopters onboard ships is extremely complex, due in part to the difficulty of landing a helicopter on a moving platform, but also due to numerous practical engineering issues.”In what is perhaps the most harrowing helicopter landing I’ve ever seen, test pilots land a Lynx Mark 90B helicopter on a pitching and weaving Knud Rasmussen class Patrol Ship. This is part of a limitations test by Prism Defence, a company specializing in Ship Helicopter Integration.

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Pat Flannigan is a professional pilot and aviation blogger. He has been flying for fifteen years and is currently working as an airline pilot in the United States.

9 Replies to White Knuckled Helicopter Landing at Sea

  1. atomed says:

    man I was holding my breath for the whole video

  2. Alex says:

    Balls of Titanium!

  3. Uncle B says:

    Now, try landing a decent meal on the plate of an elderly person in need nearby your own home. This a proven much more difficult even for the astounding American Military Machine! Afghanistan now facing full withdrawal of American, NATO forces, soon to fend for itself, as it has over the centuries after all. Perhaps, a crumb left over from that astoundingly expensive debacle for the poor, the disabled, even sickened returning soldiers?
    America faces today, “Mutual Destruction” by nuclear force, from a Chinese-Russian, system. The U.S.S.R. collapsed, but left many of its weapons systems shared with communist China. These systems are still fully maintained, fully intact and fully potent! Do not be fooled! One false move from America could most certainly provoke a war America would most certainly loose.
    America in the past two decades has lost on the economic battlefield of the world, to communist China. America is now the world’s largest debtor nation in the history of all mankind, and mostly to Asians, Chinese holding the larger part than Japan. By some asinine “Cowboy Logic” some Americans feel this is a position of advantage. It is not! Proverbs, 22:7, you knew better but even on Sunday, your day, you did not listen! China will take in flesh and in land what is rightfully hers, no amount of saber-rattling will impress her.
    America will now retreat, and try to remedy her arrogant positions over the years, and against a communist Chinese back-drop of extreme scientific discovery, expansion, growing technical knowledge, all written in Mandarin, all Asian in origin, all foreign even to our best scientists.
    Landing ‘Chopper’ on ship-decks as tricky as all that? Should we dwell on these trivialities? While the nation suffers. Detroit City fades, Third World conditions as we speak? What really counts American?

  4. Steve says:

    Uncle B
    Thats all good and nice but your little story has nothing to do with the video; also this is a video of a private company called Prism Defence (not Prism Defense) and has nothing to do with the United States.

  5. Mobo says:

    Wow! I spend 5 years on the tuna seiners and I thought we went up in some rotten stuff! Oh and Uncle B: I think those guys on the bird in the video were a heck of a lot closer to God with their prayers at the time then you have ever been. 😉

  6. Mac says:

    This bit that is reminiscent of my one and only similar landing as “testy” and “testing” as this one. While serving as O in C of a U.S. Navy helo detachment aboard the USS Albany inside the Arctic Circle on a winter North Atlantic cruise, we were dispatched to a destroyer somewhere to pick up an injured sailor and med evac him to the USS Independence, the carrier steaming with us. As I discovered later, we spent too much time around and over the destroyer while the deck area was cleared of loose crap and while I tried to “hover in harmony” with a rolling/pitching fantail. The sailors below struggled to maintain their footing and avoid going over the side as they wrestled with the stretcher while trying to hook it to our hoist. We eventually got it done, headed for the Indie, dropped him off and headed for the Albany. The approach to the Albany was a lot like this one but not quite as “rolly”. After a couple of fly bys, aborted approaches, getting dark, the Indie and Albany by then having put more NMs between them, fuel getting low, our crew chief, a very savvy PO 1, Murphy, came up on the ICS and asked, “LT., have you ever play volley ball?” “Yes, Murph, I have.” “Then on the next pass, let’s “spike” this mother, sir!!” I did. Then saw a beautiful sight—nothing but As and Es chockin’ and chainin’!

    BTW, now that I think of it—we were nuts out there, over that water in a single engine aircraft.

  7. Todd says:

    Now if they had a real helicopter like a Sikorsky SH-60B it may have been a bit easier. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3Mwd-3Kf-4&feature=related

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  9. markmbha says:

    Wait for the timing.

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