See The Blue Angels in HD Video

The Blue Angels in tight formation

Aerobatics is cool. Naval aviation is cool. And when you put the two together you get the über-cool Blue Angels, the US Navy flight demonstration squadron. As an outfit, the Blue Angels have been wowing airshow crowds since 1946 with their precision maneuvers and tight formation flying and this video captures the latest generation of Blue Angels F/A-18A-D Hornets in vivid HD. Smoke on!

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Pat Flannigan is a professional pilot and aviation blogger. He has been flying for fifteen years and is currently working as an airline pilot in the United States.

2 Replies to See The Blue Angels in HD Video

  1. Mike says:

    Great find – HD makes a real difference – though I wish I could be there in person !

  2. MIchael Zonis says:

    How can I purchase this video on HD dvd?

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