US Airways Flight 1549 Transcript Released

The FAA has released the transcript from US Airways Flight 1549. This is the transcript between air traffic controllers and Flight 1549. Transcripts from the cockpit voice recorder will not be made available for as much as eighteen months, according to the NTSB.

The official FAA transcript is available in text and audio formats.

On the third page of the transcript, US 1549 checks in with the departure controller:

US1549: “cactus fifteen forty nine seven hundred climbing five thousand”

ATC: “cactus fifteen forty nine new york departure radar contact climb and maintain one five thousand”

US1549: “maintain one five thousand cactus fifteen forty nine”

ATC: “cactus fifteen forty nine turn left heading two seven zero”

US1549: “ah this is uh cactus fifteen thirty nine hit by birds we lost thrust in both engines we’re turning back towards laguardia”

ATC: “ok yea you need to return to laguardia turn left heading two two zero”

US1549: “two two zero”

ATC: “tower stop your departures we got an emergency returning”

LGA: “who is it”

ATC: “it’s fifteen twenty nine he ah bird strike he lost all engines he lost the thrust in the engines he is returning immediately”

LGA: “cactus fifteen twenty nine which engines”

ATC: “he lost thrust in both engines he said”

LGA: “got it”

ATC: “cactus fifteen twenty nine if we can get it to you do you want to try to land runway one three”

US1549: “we’re unable we may end up in the hudson”

ATC: “alright cactus fifteen forty nine it’s going to be left traffic to runway three one”

US1549: “unable”

ATC: “okay what do you need to land”

ATC: “cactus fifteen forty nine runway four is available if you want to make left traffic to runway four”

US1549: “i am not sure if we can make any runway oh what’s over to our right anything in new jersey maybe teterboro”

ATC: “okay yea off to your right side is teterboro airport”

ATC: “do you want to try and go to teterboro”

US1549: “yes”

ATC: “teterboro uh empire actually laguardia departure got an emergency inbound”

TEB: “okay go ahead”

ATC: “cactus fifteen twenty nine over the george washington bridge wants to go to the airport right now”

TEB: “he wants to go to our airport check does he need any assistance”

ATC: “ah yes he ah he was a bird strike can i get him in for runway one”

TEB: “runway one that’s good”

ATC: “cactus fifteen twenty nine turn right two eight zero you can land runway one at teterboro”

US1549: “we can’t do it”

ATC: “okay which runway would you like at teterboro”

US1549: “we’re gonna be in the hudson”

ATC: “i’m sorry say again cactus”

ATC: “cactus ah cactus fifteen forty nine radar contact is lost you also got newark airport off your two o’ clock and about seven miles”

ATC: “cactus fifteen twenty nine uh you still on”

The full transcript and other official sources can be found courtesy of the FAA.

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